Congrats to Class of 2021!

MCPL would like to congratulate all our graduating seniors. From shelving to Storytime, teaching computer classes, and braving the full force of Summer Reading; Our student volunteers joined the Jr. Library Program early on in their middle school days and made it to their Senior year. They’ve dedicated much of their time to serving our community. Despite the unusual circumstances of the last year, they’ve succeeded in earning their diplomas and adapting to a global pandemic!

Bryan Urbay, Sabian Keller, Patricia Katz, Andres Mendieta-Kuhnke, Brielle Stokes, Isaac Williams, Chance Palacios.

Walk with pride down this victorious path and celebrate your life and continue to excel in the face of adversity. We acknowledge and celebrate your years of study and hard work and want you to feel good knowing that experience and education will assist you in whatever challenges come your way again. MCPL and the whole conch community is standing behind you and wishing you a brighter future!

We are so proud of all they have accomplished through years of hard work and dedication. Congrats class of 2021!


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