Community Jigsaw Puzzle

Big Pine Branch
213 Key Deer Blvd. Big pine Key
September 3, 2019 – October 12, 2019 all-day

Our current 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is titled “Lone Cypress” by Heronim Wysocki. Heronim has been prominent on the American art scene for many years. Born in Detroit, he later moved to Los Angeles where he graduated from Art Center College of Design. A dichotomy exists in Heronim’s works as expressed by his ability to paint impressionism along with his fascination for nostalgia. He describes his Americana paintings as nostalgia: a time before computers, hi-tech movies and fax machines, when traveling by horse and buggy were the mode of transportation. He finds a lighthouse, an old hotel, a railroad station, and then the historical research begins. He delves into archives, haunts old book stores, or talks to old-timers who remember “the way things were”, and the painting begins to evolve. The finished portrayal is history, nostalgia, and fantasy.