Florida History Visitor Services

Please call or email before planning a trip, as staff may not always be available to assist visitors.

The Florida History Department provides visitor access to most of the original materials in our archival collections. However, we do restrict the handling and copying of our more fragile items. Visitors may duplicate archival materials using their own digital capture or photographic equipment.

Some archival material may also be available in digital format. Downloads of low-resolution, archival images or audio files from the Department’s digital collection sites are available free of charge.

High-resolution reproductions (generally, uncompressed, full-size master files) can be provided on removable storage, or delivered to an FTP or Dropbox account, at a cost of $10.00 per image. Non-profit and research organizations may be granted a waiver of this fee, at the discretion of Library staff.

Monroe County does not hold copyright over the original images in the archival collections. Responsibility for identifying and satisfying any copyright claims to the original images must be assumed by those wishing to reproduce the images.