NASA Ambassador Kevin Gallagher — Feb. 20th at 4PM in the Library Auditorium

NASA Ambassador Kevin Gallagher will give a talk called, “The Search for Alien Life: High and Low.” Gallagher has a degree in chemical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has served as President of his local astronomy club in New Jersey.

Free and open to the public.

From Mr. Gallagher: “The scientific search for alien life has two important components. One is the search for any kind of life form, including simple organisms like bacteria. The other is the search for intelligent life that would be capable of contacting us, either through their initiative, or in response for some signals from earth. The search for simple organisms of alien origin, has been encouraged in recent years, by a better understanding of the diverse environments here on earth where we can find these organisms. These diverse and severe environments on earth were not considered likely places to encourage any kind of life forms. We now know that there are organisms, known as “extremophiles” that can live in these very challenging environments. NASA’s policy to “follow the water” is a first step in the search for life. At the other end of the spectrum, mankind continues to experiment with both incoming and outgoing radio signals in an effort to determine if there are signs of intelligent beings that could communicate with us. As a result of these efforts, and the possibility of misreporting, we could get news any day of a breakthrough which would alter our view of Man and the Universe.”


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