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Parrot Storytime-All Summer Long!

Saturdays from 11-3 spend an afternoon reading to parrots at Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden. Check in at the library, pick up a Parrot Reading Log, read to a parrot at Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden, then come back to the library to earn a reading prize.

Did you know some parrots are as smart as a 5 year and loved to be read to?

In partnership with Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden, the Key West Public Library presets a new way to encourage children to read all summer long while volunteering in the community.  

Parrot Storytime is a reading program where children check out books from the library and read to the Parrots at Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden.

Environmental activist Nancy Forrester shares her sanctuary for rescued and orphaned parrots with the public to advocate for wild and captive parrots. Some of her birds are critically endangered in the wild.

“Parrots are very intelligent and sociable creatures. They love interaction. I find that reading to the birds provides the social interaction that parrots need. It’s also a wonderful experience to see children brush up on their reading skills while reading to the parrots.” – Nancy Forrester

Together the Key West Public Library and Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden encourage children to become Reading Volunteer. As a Reading volunteer, children get to make a positive impact on their community by helping animals in need.

By reading to the parrots and becoming a reading volunteer, children begin to view reading in a positive way.


  • Gain a positive outlook on reading
  • Increased confidence and fluency while reading
  • Increased involvement in the library community
  • Gain a better understanding of parrots and their natural environment

Parents or legal guardians and children must attend together.


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